Human Resource Solution

Tallyos is a complete portfolio of software and hardware solutions to optimize the management of your human resources. Based on current industrial and systems engineering techniques, our web apps and connected devices offer the 1st affordable solution without cell phone plan and allow end-to-end administrative process automation and productivity improvement.

Originally imagined with mobile workers in mind, the Tallyos ecosystem automates HR management from operational data collection to the creation of administrative paperwork (payroll, invoicing, performance reporting, etc.).

Data Collection

Easily secure work hours and locations of your mobile workforce via mobile app or custom robust GPS receivers (no cell plan required)

Process Automation

Algorithms compute actual employee billable hours to clients and automate the end-to-end administrative process

Productivity Optimization

Quantify potential cost savings by visualizing workforce movement and operational inefficiencies through powerful dashboards

Easy Deployment

Streamline adoption with training, customer support, and intuitive web-based tools integrated with your current solutions

Workers network working together
Public works employees using Tallyos

Gain In-Depth Knowledge About Your Company's Time And Movement Patterns.

In the service industry, payroll accounts for 80% of costs, and 80% of employees are mobile workers. The American Payroll Association (APA) tells us that your workforce spends an average 6 min/employee per pay period to collect timesheet information. On average, up to 2.5% of the payroll is also misplaced due to inaccurate timesheets. Finally, overtime can amount to 100% of the base rate and become a substantial burden if not closely monitored.

The first step to improve a process is to measure it. Tallyos automatically generates accurate timesheets and allows you to dive deep on the data to minimize these inefficiencies and capitalize on your added-value. Gaining visibility on these hours helps you improve payroll management and better allocate the precious time of your workforce.

Managers and employees using Tallyos

Improve Employee Experience And Client Satisfaction Thanks To A Modern Framework.

Since 2000, wage disputes have risen over 450%. Tallyos acts as a trusted third party to help employers maintain accurate employee records. The platform promotes trust and payroll transparency between contributors and managers with a solution that respects their rights.

While most sectors have seen an average of 10-15% increase in productivity over the last 70 years, several industries (cleaning, construction, etc.) are still facing challenges. The Tallyos engine helps you bridge the gap by providing insights on workflow inefficiencies and by analyzing historical data of your past projects.

Tallyos helps make your planning more predictable and generate competitively priced quotes, a key asset for more profitable projects.


A powerful library of data collection, visualization, optimization, and decision-making tools within your reach.

Worksites Portal

Easily add sites and benefit from key statistics to help you better understand and control costs and performance.

Location Services

Our mobile apps and custom GPS receivers enable you to collect insightful data for further analysis.

Workforce Management

Quickly access employee attendance and time allocation. Create their schedules from our interface or import your custom format.

Analysis Dashboards

Powerful tools extract patterns buried in the data with visualizations and insights for improved productivity.

Timesheet Generation

Browse, save, and print the timesheets for all your employees, ready for distribution and company records.

Routing Optimization

Reduce operational costs with this tool by optimizing your routes and the distribution of projects between employees.