Logistics Solution

Tallyos provides more visibility on your equipment fleet and simplify the management of your stock of materials and consumables. Our mobile application allows your teams to collect key information about your remote equipment and your stock levels in your warehouses. Our web platform provides you, in real time, with the necessary visibility to allow optimal management of your stocks: costs, movements, storage space, consumption, etc.

Originally designed to streamline data collection, the Tallyos ecosystem supports your team in inventory tracking and optimization at every step in the value chain:

Data Collection

Easily transfer key data about all activities linked to your stocks thanks to our mobile application.

Process Automation

Efficiently manage your supplies and replenishments through our customized alerts and never run out of stock.

Performance Optimization

Monitor the fluctuations of your stock through different analysis tools and dashboards, allowing you to make informed decisions.

Easy Deployment

Our intuitive and evolving tools allow your team to quickly reach your objectives and adopt a more consistent process with ease.

Employees managing stocks
Employees managing stocks and orders on a warehouse

Better Inventory Management To Improve Efficiency

About 43% of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) have identified a gap in their current inventory monitoring processes and/or tools. This results in negative financial and productivity performance impacts.

Tallyos streamlines your administrative tasks and operational processes related to warehouse management. Our solution allows your team to better drive stock movements, avoid administrative burden, and improve data quality.

By digitizing inventory management with Tallyos, you can easily and quickly update your stock to focus on value-added tasks and project work.

Employees on a site

Stock Optimization Through Accurate Consumption Monitoring

Companies invest abound 30% of their budget in inventory management. Given current global inflationary pressures, it becomes critical to therefore wise to look into its operation and its tracking. Improve traceability through our solution by tracking equipment through their end-to-end lifecycle. From receipt in the warehouse to retirement, Tallyos allows you to monitor the evolution of your stock in real time.

Always accessible, the Tallyos mobile application empowers your teams to work from your warehouse and any other remote locations.

Tallyos provides you with the visibility you need on your stock movements to avoid potential leakages and inefficiencies. Indeed, a more rigorous management can reduce the cost of your stock by 10%.

Our Services

Through our adapted tools, you will be able to reach your performance objectives with ease.

Equipment Location

Ensure accurate equipment allocation to the various sites/customers through geolocation.

Preventive Maintenance

Avoid unexpected failures by monitoring equipment lifecycle and keeping track of maintenance history.

Movement Analysis

Make stock analysis easy and quick via our dashboard and other customized KPIs based on your needs.

Stock Level Monitoring

Update and manage the levels of your stock items in order to optimize stock replenishment and minimize inventory cost.

Space Management

Visualize your inventory composition to optimize the use of your warehouse through item categorization.

Consumption Control

Examine and analyze the consumption by site/customer and adapt your activity according to defined margins.